Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unification v. Oneness

A state of unification is not awakening. A state of unification is a state unification. It's nice. Everyone likes this, but it's not awakening. Awake people have states of unification, and they have states of difference as well. Both happen; other things happen too.

Don't mistake a state of unification for awakening. Don't seek a state of unification in place of awakening. Awakening is a deep honest and vulnerability with self. Awakening is complete non-resistance to all that arises. Awakening is oneness with all that arises (not unification).

The awake are one with whatever arises. At times, what arises is a reality that appears to be separate. The unawake spiritual person practicing awakening will fear this as a mistake allowing it to be proof of their non-awakeness and inherent deficiency (which keeps them in a place of delusion). The awake are one with reality whether it appears to be separate of unified - as both are an expression of the same.

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