Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grieving the Loss of Truth

I was speaking with a coaching client a little over a week ago who is deep in the trenches birthing a worldview and potentially an exterior transition. In our conversation I became aware that he was perhaps longing for and grieving the loss of both objective truth and the projection that truth can be a destination to acquire.

I asked him to engage in the ritual over the next few weeks to truly mourn and honor the loss of objective and destination oriented truth.

Each meme has a different relationship with truth. It seems that with each cycle of development in human growth, truth becomes bigger, more intangible, and is more greatly owned as a subjective experience. I can recall when I experienced truth as something that could be acquired. I can also recall when nontruth was something that could be acquired. As if either was the root of fulfillment.

With awakening, there is the loss of objective truth. Truth becomes, always, the experience that is unfolding. What is true is that which is present.

In development, the relationship to truth develops from object to context, from context to subject, and then from subject to construct, and later from construct to mystery.

In both instances, truth is lost. Truth evaporates like the morning dew. This is liberating, typically, and normally celebrated. However, the longing for solidity and understanding runs strong through our human experience.

As truth evaporates from your experience in all of these ways, I highly recommend that you grieve appropriately its loss and the role this construct played in your life. In honoring this, something powerful might occur.


  1. Are you following Dr. David R. Hawkins work? I've only seen him and one other person use the term 'memes.'

    However, I ask you, isn't mourning a form of sadness, and yet another subtle clever addiction of the ego's? Still, what you say is very good for various aspirants of Spirit. Thank you for being so eloquent and gentle with your readers!

  2. Hi Scott -

    I am aware of Dr. Hawkin's work, but haven't spent a great deal of time with it. I do like what I've looked at, and I like the way he feels.

    Isn't pointing out the ego's clever tricks a clever trick of the ego?

    Sadness is just an emotion. Mourning is just an action of emotion. Neither need be egoic attachment. It's not about what's present, it's about the relationship with what's present.

    Thanks for your thoughts. Nice to meet.